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If your horse deserves the most beautiful piece of jewelry, you should choose one of our handmade browbands with Swarovski crystals. This browband is truly unique with the magical Swarovski Meridian Blue crystals. The crystals changes colour depending on the angel you look at them. The base is blue and then it changes to a lighter blue, purple, cerise, orange and yellow. This is such a stunning and unique browband.  The browband is delivered in a SD box. This includes a free polishing cloth, so you can polish the crystals and keep them sparkling and shiny.

Janne K. Hansen; ceo/founder of SD Design; handmade her first browband when she was 13 years old. The SD browbands has a very special place in her heart, as this was the first equipment she handmade herself. Every Swarovski crystal is placed by hand. There is truly put heart and soul into the making of each browband. A SD Browband is not "just a browband" but a beautiful piece of jewelry you picked carefully for your horse, your best friend.


Leather care:

We recommend that you give the browband a little bit of oil/balm before you use it the first time. This will protect and maintain the leather on your new SD browband❤

ECO-Friendly leather. This means that there has not been used any chemicals in the tanning process.



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