QHP Dressage Pad Havana

QHP Dressage Pad Havana

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Elegant saddle pad with diamond stitching and two decorative cords for an extra chic touch. The saddle pad has girth loops and short saddle loops with Velcro that ensure that the saddle pad stays in place. The Q-pin on the left completes the cover. The saddle pad has an anatomical back and is lined with absorbent mesh that absorbs sweat well.

Outer material - 100% polyester;

Inner material - 100% cotton;

Filling - 5mm foam+300g polyfill.


Color: Ice Blue, Navy, Olive, Powder Pink, Red

 Combine this with our QHP Ear Net Havana, QHP Dressage Boots Havana, or the QHP Havana Browband for a 10% matchy discount at checkout. 

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