Haas Brenic Madoc Brush

Haas Brenic Madoc Brush

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Brenig Madoc A versatile grooming brush with two-tone synthetic bristles. Due to the 5 cm long bristles, this brush is particularly soft and yet robust.

HAAS has been producing horse grooming brushes and wellness brushes in Donaueschingen in the Black Forest for almost 100 years.

Selected materials, a lot of love and manual work stand for a HAAS brush or grooming brush. The combination of the bristles from different materials, the craftsmanship and the modern production technology ensure the exemplary quality standard and the longevity of all HAAS products for the good of the animals and for the joy of the owners. All brushes, grooming brushes, weeder, mane brushes, hoof pick and boot servant are of course made in Germany. This was also confirmed with the JA-ZU-DEUTSCHLAND award and seal.

Comes in assorted colors. 

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