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Hauke Schmidt Magic Patch Gloves

Hauke Schmidt Magic Patch Gloves

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Created in partnership with Magic Tack of Germany, a unique glove featuring interchangeable sparkly patches.  Made from a new, technical synthetic material with a high Lycra content, A Touch of Magic Tack gloves are based on our very popular, A Touch of Class glove, and are comfortable to wear, give a great grip on the reins and are breathable.  They are durable and feature reinforced patches on the rein area.

One pair of Magic Tack patches is included with the gloves from a choice of  three styles of patches - Mixed,  Chessboard and Fabrics.    Additional patches are available to purchase separately.


Please note this glove is a small fit,  we would therefore recommend ordering a half size larger than you usually wear.

Color: White

Size: 7



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