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Kavalkade Ivy Bridle with Lambswool

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This innovative new bridle is beautifully made with your pony’s comfort in mind.  The lambswool lined, soft padded monocrown headpiece is cutback around the base of the ears and broader over the poll for maximum comfort and pressure distribution.  The noseband is anatomically designed to give more clearance around the bit rings to avoid pinching and chaffing and to help prevent the flash strap from pulling the noseband down. With  lambswool lining that extends halfway up the cheeks, this is an exceptionally pressure-free and comfortable noseband. The noseband also has a very soft lambswool  pad that helps to provide comfort and relief from pressure under the jaw.

The shaped browband is made to lay flatter against the forehead and is  gel-filled.
The reins are 5/8" Super-Grip rubberized Continental style with handstops; supple, easy to hold and a popular style. 

Hardware is stainless steel with buckle ends.

Lambswool is removable to be washed.

Item No. 19020

Size: Large Pony (PII)



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