Thinline Trifecta Ultra Cotton Half Pad

Ultra ThinLine Trifecta Cotton Half Pad

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 The Ultra ThinLine Trifecta Cotton Half Pad takes the basic Ultra ThinLine Half Pad to a whole new level of performance. Made with Ultra ThinLine over a high quality quilted cotton base pad, creating a contoured wither profile and spine free channel. This design allows the Ultra ThinLine to lay on either side of the spine so that it is always in the right place.

  • – Ultimate protection for both the horse and rider’s backs
  • – Reduces rider movement and prevents saddle slip
  • – Contoured spine free channel for comfort
  • – 95% shock absorption
  • – Breathable to release heat and moisture
  • – Shimmable for customized saddle fit
  • – Easy maintenance and long lasting performance
  • – Low profile pad measuring 1/2″ thick allows for close communication and feel

Available in White and Black.


Fits 15 3/4″ saddles and smaller
19.75″ spine length
14.5″ across the widest part of the seat

Fits 16″-16 1/2″ saddles
21.75″ spine length
16″ across seat

Fits 17″-18 1/2″ saddles
23.25″ spine length

16.5″ across seat

saddle fit shim saddle pad

Order Saddle Fitting shims – inserts for your pad:  Be sure to pick your pads item number and size when ordering shims. View the product gallery – ThinLine shims are shown on top of the pad to demonstrate size and shape – you will actually place them inside the pad. Shims will not shift once inserted. Shims are sold as a pair.


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