Top 10 Gifts For Your Trainer

Trainers can be the hardest people to shop for! After all, what material objects can even hold a candle to, let alone sufficiently give thanks for, all of the endless work they do to make us and our dressage partners ready to tackle both the ring and the world? While we can’t quite capture the magic that is trainers, we do have a wide array of products that can give them more than an inkling of your appreciation this holiday season. These are just 10 of our favorites that have been adored specifically by professionals all over the world!

1. JBN Keepsake Box

These JBN Keepsake Boxes make amazing gifts for anyone, but how amazing of a trainer present would a lovely box with their heart horse’s photo and a personalized name plate make? Alternatively, you could use a photo of the barn to pull the tack room together or a photo of everyone’s favorite barn pup to store treats in. The opportunities are endless!

2. Fair Hill Wristlet

Buttery soft leather, beautiful vibrant colors, and even made in the USA, these Fairhill Wristlets are one of our favorite gifts. The sophisticated public-friendly design make them absolutely perfect for letting your trainer know that you’re aware that they do have a life outside of work! (But not THAT much of a life…)

3. Cavallo Pepita Show Shirt

Cavallo is a favorite brand of trainers all over the world, and this stunning show shirt is in line with all of their beloved products! The soft mesh arms and comfortable fit make it perfect for a long day of work and teaching, yet the beautiful design (available in white and blue) will stand out both showing and schooling!

4. Whinny Widgets Test Books

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you didn’t know you needed! Trainers adore these test books to have ringside both at shows and schooling. They are easy to read when calling a test and perfect to have handy for a last minute pre-ride review!

5. QHP Belt Bag

I of course adore all of our products, but I’m not exaggerating when I say this belt bag saves me everyday! It is large enough for the majority of phones, perfect to safely have your phone with you when riding (especially alone!), and comfortable enough to forget that it’s even on, and the horses certainly appreciate the extra cookie room! The belt bag is fabulous for trainers always on the go!

6. HKM Sole Mio Shirt

This gorgeous HKM shirt is a fabulous and unique gift for trainers who want to update their wardrobe for spring (or the FL season!) and bring even more beauty into a life of working with horses! The matching socks and pad take the matchy-ness to the next level!

7. SD Star Appeal Halter

This SD halter is an elegant and super soft halter that any trainer would adore for shows and clinics! The small crystal accents aren’t too elaborate for those who are more conservative, yet the stunning halter still provides a touch of sparkle. For an extra customization, contact us about getting a personalized nameplate attached!

8. BR Glamour Chic Pad

This gorg BR pad makes a lovely gift for trainers, as the versatile neutral colors go with any horse and outfit. Available in white, champagne, silver-grey, blue, black, and navy silver and with just a nice line of crystals, the Glamour Chic is perfect for trainer from schooling to showing!

9. QHP Instant Heating Shirt Loua

My personal adoration is coming into play here; I am a cold person, and QHP’s instant heating technology easily keeps me warmer than a heavy winter jacket. The flattering Loua (available in burgundy, navy, and royal), is an absolute must have for trainers that need to stay warm during the long winter days but can’t afford to wear twelve layers of huge jackets! 

10. TCP Gift Card!

When in doubt, the best gift is the gift they choose! If you just don’t know your trainer’s size or don’t want to make such a big decision without their input, you can’t go wrong with a Collected Pony gift card! 

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