Beris Dressage with Comfort Bar, thin

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Elegant design combined with highest comfort for the horse’s sensitive mouth: This is the new Beris Dressage Curb Bit. From the overly sensitive horse to one that needs a stronger contact, this bit makes for a fabulous addition to your horse’s tack arsenal. The mouth piece is generally well accepted, no matter which degree of hardness is used. Promotes chewing activity.
This bit is  recommended for ponies and horses with non spacious mouths. Very successful is the usage as a Weymouth Bit for horses that cannot take a thick Weymouth and a Bradoon Bit.

Our cover pony, Cinderella, wears the Beris curb in her double; her sensitive pony attitude pairs well with the gentle rubber bit when we want the extra finessing of the double bridle without putting too much in her highness’s little mouth!

Sizes: 100mm (4"), 110mm (4.25"), 120mm (4.75"), 130mm (5"), 140mm (5.25")

Stiffness: soft 
Shanks: short

Does NOT come with curb chain

This bit is not included in the bit rental program. 

Bits that are not included in the bit rental program are unable to be returned due to health concerns. 

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