30 Stocking Stuffers for Horse Girls

Sometimes it can be tricky to find small, affordable gifts for riders that don’t require extensive knowledge of sizing, brand preferences, or equipment needs. Here are 30 easy and affordable stocking stuffers fit for any horse lover (especially dressage queen) in your life!

1. QHP Hair Bow Chique

Available in both black and navy, this stunning blinged out hairnet is perfect to add some unique sparkle and elegance to any show or clinic outfit!

2. SD Lucky Keychain

This lucky keychain is fit for any horse lover, whether they ride or just enjoy their horse’s beauty! Not to mention the rhinestones are guaranteed to provide even more luck than just the shoe itself!

3. QHP Boot Socks

You can never go wrong with socks! QHP’s boot socks are available in four colors to go with any outfit (they match especially well with ‘fits from my favorite shop The Collected Pony, but that’s just my opinion)!

4. Waldhausen Unicorn with Sound

You can never go wrong with a unicorn, but you can go even LESS wrong with a singing unicorn! These are of course perfect for kiddos, but we certainly don’t discriminate against fun-loving adults either!

5. SD Dressage Donut Making Set

I just ADORE the clean and polished look of a donut bun to show in. Get your DQ started with this donut making set, complete with an infographic on how to do it yourself! As someone who does it constantly, it takes about three tries to get your hands into the correct position, and then it takes less than a minute to put in and stays perfect for hours!

6. QHP Diamond Hair Scrunchie


If you’re going to enter the polished world of donuts, you of course need accessories! A great place to start is with this crystal scrunchie from QHP.

7. SD Diamond Rose Scrunchie 

Or with this diamond rose scrunchie (also available in purple and white)! Or with any of these accessories

8. QHP Horse Hoof Ice Scraper

What can I say? Not only will this ice scraper keep your hands toasty, just look how adorable it is.

9. SD Hollywood Number Holder 

A gorgeous reusable number holder is a great way to go for a stocking stuffer, and this glittery Hollywood number holder is one of my favs! It’s available in the navy as well as black and brown.

10. QHP Baby Socks Mickey 

Little baby horse heads on little baby socks for little baby feet. If you or someone you know has a little baby, I think you know what you have to do.

11. Cavallo Tall Socks Selma W


Again, socks are perfect, but why not doll them up a tad with some tiny rhinestone accents? The Selma socks are available in this gorgeous plum and in deep green, AND they match Cavallo’s whole winter collection (if you wanted to give your DQ the *full* effect). 

12. SD Cream Pearl Classic Stock Pin 

How stunning is this crystal and pearl flower stock pin from SD? The delicate piece makes the perfect addition to a new 2023 show season outfit!

13. QHP Saddle Jewels 

Easily attachable with just elastic loops, QHP’s saddle jewels come in multiple designs to suit any style! Or collect them all just to have options, of course. 

14. SD Diamond Rose Earrings  

These SD Diamond Rose earrings are beautiful on their own of course, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention their matching accessories

15. QHP Knee Socks Holiday Cheery 

Black footed socks are all the rage right now for their thick sole comfort but thin top, and these holiday socks are adorably festive! If seasonal isn’t your cup of tea (of if you just want to *stuff* their stocking, we also have tons more designs.

16. HKM Dressage Car Sticker 

When in doubt, dressage car sticker to let everyone else on the road know that they’re only driving crazy because they are going to see their horse.

17. Unicorn Headband Yazz Junior

The only thing worse than cold ears in the winter is having to sacrifice being fabulous! These adorable headbands are very stretchy, so you can make your diva of any age thrilled this holiday season.

18. Dressage Arena Keychain 

These adorable and handy keychains are a fashionable and useful gift for any dressage queen! If you’re super organized and ahead of the game, with just a tiny bit of extra time, we can even get them engraved with their name, barn name, horse’s name, or anything you choose! 

19. SD Moviestar Number Holder

This number holder is for those who REALLY like the bling bling! I love this for a gift for a fabulous fashionista who is ready to turn heads this show season.

20. Shires Animal Fuzzy Socks 

Fuzzy socks are a stocking staple in my opinion! Of course you can pick them up at any drug store, but why not grab a pair of adorable animal ones from your favorite small business and gift guide author? 

21. QHP Phone Case 

The best gifts are the ones that they’ll use constantly, and this phone case will get plenty of action! Available in four colors, it attaches to your belt and makes for a perfect phone and cookie holder to keep them connected while they ride. 

22. Schockemohle Sporty Socks 

I had to do one more pair of socks, because these bright beauties even match the Schockemohle Page shirt!

23. QHP Bridle Charms 

Bridle Charms are an adorable and personal touch to any bridle, and the QHP bridle charms come in multiple styles for any horse girl. 

24. QHP Patent Number Holder

One more understated number holder! This QHP one is available in black, navy, and brown and is perfect for those who just want a touch of bling. 

25. HKM Bling Braiding Bands 
Although these braiding bands are NOT SHOW LEGAL, they make for the perfect addition to photoshoots or clinics. You can even see our girls rocking them for their black background portraits on our home page for more inspo on how gorgeous they can look! 

26. QHP Mickey Infant/Toddler Breeches 

Ok, so maybe these aren’t super stocking stuffery, but the point is that they *COULD* fit in a stocking. They’re just that tiny. Really. And they come in blue. If you know a baby or someone with a baby or are having a baby, you absolutely need these. I don’t make the rules. 

27. HAAS Ultra Graf Diva Brush 

Haas brushes are a best seller of ours, and this fleecy Diva brush is perfect for sucking up all that gross winter dust. Brushes are easy, but you can’t go wrong with a luxurious Haas to become their new favorite grooming tool! 

28. QHP Boot Clips 

Spending a fortune on custom boots is so last year. Doll up your boots on a budget with tons of different style options for less than $20 with QHP’s boot clips! 

29. Waldhausen Rhinestone Grab Strap

If you need a grab strap, it may as well add some bling! This Waldhausen grab strap is available in both clear and rosegold crystals! 

30. QHP Unicorn Horn

I of course saved the best for last with this QHP unicorn horn. There isn’t really much I can say about it that the picture doesn’t convey. 

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