Gift Guide for Matchy Addicts

Looking for a stellar set for the matchy-obsessed DQ in your life (including yourself)? We’ve compiled some of our favorite sets from our gorgeous brands for every fashionista, from elegant neutrals to bold colors. Snatch a set up Black Friday Weekend for 20% off with code BLACKFRIDAY22 or take an automatic 10% off the rest of the year when you purchase two or more items together! 
1. QHP Havana Set

Available in five stunning colors, the satin Havana set is a lovely outfit for any matchy lover! The Powder Pink, Olive, and Navy even have matching human, horse, and dog baseball caps. I spy upcoming family photos! 
2. HKM Berry Set

Velvet fabric. Delicious colors. Intricate quilting. Delicate crystals. If the HKM Berry set doesn’t scream Christmas present, I don’t know what does. 
3. SD A Million Dreams Set

SD is known for their gorgeous quality and designs, and the Million Dreams set is no exception! Four beautifully pigmented satin pads match fantastically with comfortable tech boots and bell boots with delicate silver trim. Just look at that shine!

4. QHP Gloss Set

 Brand new for the winter season, the Gloss collection! As the name suggests, these glossy pads come in 5 lovely colors perfect for the colder weather. (And the boots match much better than the pictures suggest!)

5. Cavallo Winter Set

Definitely our most intricate set this year is Cavallo’s winter set! With so many options in Dusty Mint, Deep Green, Powder Lilac, and Red Wine, there’s a set for every matchy lover! 
6. HKM Glitter Mesh Set

Do I need to say more than the name? Glitter. Mesh. So, in beautiful versatile colors, you get both sparkles and comfort for your horse or pony. What more could you ask for?

 7. QHP Chianti Set

Switching it up a tad with a leather set; these burgundy and navy Chianti sets are just drool-worthy! The bridle, saddle jewels, belt, spur straps, and boot clips elevate any show or schooling outfit to a whole nother matchy level! 
8. HKM Mellow Velvet Set

Here I am again, lusting over another velvet set. I’m not sure whether I should go on about the stunning colors, beautifully detailed matching polos and bonnets, or lovely unique quilting pattern. Good thing you don’t have to choose only one color!

9. SD My Passion Set

I’d probably say this about all of them, but this may just be my favorite set. The contrasting color trim and light glitter details highlight the rich colors and satin shine on the My Passion set! 
10. Cavallo Spring Set

If you’re going for bright and floral colors, we still have a couple sets left from Cavallo’s beautiful spring collections! These bright sets make the perfect gift to take away any winter gloom. 
11. HKM Basil Set

I just love this HKM Basil set for the cooler months! The earthy colors match fabulously with the gold studs and cording accenting the pad, bonnet, and top. This set in particular makes a gorgeous gift! 
12. QHP Astana Set

Last but certainly not least is the QHP Astana set! The lovely colorful velvet and contrasting black trim and crystals just look so nice together. I love the unique bright colors of the velvet as well! 

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