Top 10 Gifts for Dressage Queens

This gift guide could probably translated as My Personal Favorite Things Ever, but in short, these are our most blingy and most fabulous products! Typical dressage queens generally go for all things glitter, but gaudy is a cardinal sin. This gift guide is designed to help you select the most gorgeous gift for the DQ in your life (or draw your own inner queen’s attention to our most fantabulous of items)!

1. SD Crystal Noseband

I would be remiss if I didn’t start with this LITERAL BLINGY NOSEBAND. This stunning noseband from SD is amazing quality leather, making it much more than just a pretty piece, but the gorgeous and unique crystal placement make it a special and exciting present that isn’t just a boring noseband that would otherwise be acquired on some uneventful Wednesday. Just to reiterate, blingy noseband!

2. Montar Brielle Breeches

If you haven’t heard the news, these Montar Brielles are easily a favorite breech this season. Available in black, plum, and white, these elegant breeches feature QUITE a bit of bling, but the same color crystals that match the fabric provide that glittering look in the sun without emulating any sort of unicorn-barf-ness (not that that’s always a negative trait)! That’s not even to mention the stunningly flattering and comfortable fit! 

3. SD Donut

Now, this picture may not look super glamorous, but hear me out. This donut (bun) is the best thing ever, and, no, I’m not exaggerating. While it may seem complicated at first, the donut is easy to learn and is an absolutely stunning look when completed, not to mention super secure (no more flying hair in the middle of tests)! My favorite thing about the donut is the opportunity for accessorization, as we have tons of different color and style scrunchies to go with every outfit! Any DQ would be thrilled go get this fancy shmancy new hair style! 

4. QHP Saddle Jewels

Yes, of course the saddle jewels made the list! If you haven’t heard my spiel, here’s the abridged version: Get your saddle jewel. Slide the elastic under each flap. Look spectacular. That’s really it! To really stun your dressage queen, make sure you check ALL the boxes by checking out our matchy matchy boot clips, spur protectors, belts, and more! 

5. SD My Passion Set

As we just discussed, dressage queen doesn’t ALWAYS mean bling; sometimes a matchy set is elegant enough to not even need a single crystal. This brand new SD set is available in multiple colors and is sure to get your DQ giddy over not just a piece of one, but a whole new ‘fit! 

6. HKM Blingy Braiding Bands

First of all, these are NOT USDF SHOW LEGAL. *BUT*, these fabulous crystal braiding bands are absolutely amazing for clinics, schooling shows, and photoshoots. I used them on my girl for my senior photos, and they were just magic! The braiding bands are even the perfect size to fit in a jewelry box, so you could play a trick on your DQ by convincing her you got her something lame and boring, like a diamond necklace! 

7. SD Hollywood Boots

Of course they made the list. One of our best selling products, these incredible boots are available in 7 colors and have the shape and gorgeous faux fur designed to provide maximum comfort. If there’s anything that comes before style for us DQs, it’s our angel’s happiness! Plus, maximize the matchy by pairing it with the same color belt, bells, and bags.

8. QHP Boot Clips

Custom boots can be wildly expensive, wasteful, and even limited with options. QHP boot clips are easy, affordable, exchangeable, and come in multiple styles to match any outfit (or mood), not to mention their sister style saddle jewels! Simply slide them over the top of the boot and, voila, the perfect gift!

9. Waldhausen Stony Belt

A staple of any good DQ’s outfit is a fabulous belt, and they don’t come much more fabulous than Waldhausen’s Stony! This classic belt is adorned with lovely small crystals to match any fit and glam up your queen’s wardrobe. 

10. Cavallo Estoril Show Coat

Perhaps our most glamorous coat we’ve ever had (and definitely the most popular), the Estoril speaks for itself! A faithful DQ will love any show coat, but you absolutely can’t go wrong with this elegant, sophisticated, uber-flattering, and BLINGY Cavallo beaut! (And save this page, because we’re not done collecting colors.)

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