Top Ten Gifts For Horse Kids

One of the best (albeit most expensive) things a kid can do is fall in love with riding. Finding high quality presents that aren’t stereotypical “horse girl” items or wildly out of your budget can be difficult, BUT it doesn’t have to be! Here is our collection of our top ten gifts for pint-sized pony wranglers.

1. QHP Mickey Breeches

Am I starting with my favorite product? Maybe. Available in as young as 1-3 months, the Mickeys are perfect for little ones that tag along to the barn and want to be just like their DQ mom or dad. Or maybe you want to get ahead of the game and get a pair for your (or a friend’s) bun in the oven; no such thing as starting them too early! I just can’t get over how adorable these lil baby breeches are.

2. Waldhausen Kid’s Blingy Gloves

There is no reason why the younger babes can’t be as glamorous as us grown DQs! These rhinestoned gloves are not only adorable, but very nice quality. They even come in adult sizes for a little pony-wrangler/parent matchy matchy!


3. QHP Unicorn Helmet Cover

This plushy helmet cover is easily one of our most popular junior items! Who wouldn’t want to wear a pink and rainbow unicorn when you ride?? This super fun helmet cover will without a doubt make a fantabulous gift for any little rider.

4. Haas Ladybug Brush

Taking care of their ponies is every barn kid’s favorite thing to do. Why not make it even more fun and adorable with this googly-eye adorned ladybug brush? The best part of this gift is the excitement that your kiddo will have to love on their pone even more!

5. QHP Esila Breeches

I switched it up for one number, but just look at these unicorn-y Esila breeches. Complete with rainbow stitching, colorful rhinestones, and (of course) a unicorn, these breeches are one of our most exciting products for the kids! Just because they’re little doesn’t mean they can’t be the most fashionable in the barn!

6. SD Leerox Bridle

Little doesn’t mean lesser! Surprise your kiddo with a beautiful new bridle with a fabulous glitter patent noseband and removable flash. The gorgeous Leerox is available from little tiny shetland through extra full!

7. QHP Jade Shirt

Back to unicorns! How adorable is this little blingy pink unicorn shirt? Any mini dressage queen will be thrilled with such a fun and cute, yet still “grown-up” riding top!

8. Shires Fluffy Socks

Fluffy socks are a staple in every good stocking, but who says they can’t be even more fun? These adorable Shires fuzzy socks come in adorable animal styles to keep your little one stylish day and night!

9. QHP Bridle Charms

Kiddos love these adorable bridle charms! From unicorns (like Sanna, the unicorn featured on the Jade shirt), to hearts, to butterflies, the charms are a perfect way for your little DQ to add some personalization (and maybe good luck) to their bridle!

10. Unicorn Horn

Well, I said I started with my favorite product, but... It’s  adorable, it’s classic, it’s affordable; it’s a unicorn. What else do I really need to say?



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