Herm Sprenger Duo Eggbutt 16mm

Herm Sprenger Duo Eggbutt 16mm

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SPRENGER Duo bits are very gentle on the horse’s mouth. The mouthpiece is made of soft, flexible plastic which adapts to the horse’s mouth in an ideal way. The material is food-safe, solvent-free and does not contain any plasticisers. The mouthpiece is reinforced with a steel cable to make it stable and to provide more security. Different from pure metal bits there is the danger of the plastic being easily bitten through when the bit is not attached correctly and gets into contact with the teeth. No returns or exchanges are possible on these bits. 

Dual application
1. straight edged flexible bar
2. reversed leaves space for the tongue

70mm Rings

Size: 120mm/4.75”



Item no. 40319

This bit is not included in the bit rental program. 

Bits that are not included in the bit rental program are unable to be returned due to health issues. 

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