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    • Exclusive shoe polishing brush with high quality 100% horsehair bristles. The curved wooden back with its side grip  ensures perfect handling.

  • Brushes with horsehair are the most efficient for polishing. Due to its natural make up, the hair has a rough surface, which creates heat when polishing. This means that cream becomes more liquid and can better penetrate into the pores of the leather, the leather surface becomes smoother and the shoe gleams. In addition, the different thicknesses of the hair provides an ideal polishing and cleaning effect. The thicker hairs are harder and are more effective at getting rid of dirt (also in seams and grooves), the thinner hairs are softer and polish better. The presence of hairs of different diameters means this horsehair brush polishes every smooth leather shoe optimally. Its elegant appearance makes the horsehair stand out.

    Dimensions: 17 cm, Bristles: approx. 3.0 cm
    Suitable for: smooth leather
  • Item No. 3829817

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