SD Anatomical Patent Noseband With Flash

SD Anatomical Patent Noseband With Flash

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Now our signature noseband design is avaliable as a loose noseband! This design/shape is something we have become known for and is our standart and signature noseband design. It is handmade in the finest eco friendly leather and has a thick super soft padding. It has a classic look, but are still made with the anatomy of your horse in mind. It is wide in the middle and has narrow ends, that avoids the surrounding nerves and leaves good space for the bit.

Width in the middle of the noseband:
Pony 4,5 cm.
Cob 4,5 cm.
Full 5,5 cm.
Xfull 5,5 cm.

Leather care:
We recommend that you give the noseband oil/balm before you use it the first time. This will protect and maintain the leather on your new SD noseband❤

ECO-Friendly leather. This means that there has not been used any chemicals in the tanning process.

Size: Pony




Color: Black/Black


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