SD I Am Fly Bonnet

SD I Am Fly Bonnet

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Many of us have to be better at believing in our self and cheering for our self. With this collection we celebrate having faith in our self and supporting it❤ Place yourself in front of your mirror, look yourself into your eyes and say to yourself  ”I am great!”

Believe in yourself instead of setting limitations. Believe that you are great and that you can achieve your dreams. It is hard work and there will be ups and downs, but if you get back on your feet every single time you fall, no matter how hard of a hit you took, then there is nothing that can stop you! I am great!

The I am collection is the most exclusive collection we have ever made. The fly hood is a perfect match for the saddle pad. The fabric on the binding and front of the fly hood is the same fabric that is used on the saddle pad. The fly hood has a very elegant design and a small discrete SD logo.

Wash at max 30 degrees without spinning.


Complete the matchy look with the matching saddle pad and fleece bandages!

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