SD Moulin Rouge Double Bridle

SD Moulin Rouge Double Bridle

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If you are looking for a stunning double bridle with focus on your horse's anatomy and wellbeing, the Moulin Rouge double bridle is the perfect choice. It has our popular SuperSoft neckstrap with an extra thick layer of padding to minimize the pressure on the sensitive poll. It also has a cutback behind the ear to remove pressure on the ear and to allow free ear movement. Furthermore the neckstrap is extra wide in the middle to minimize the pressure even more. This neckstrap is probably the softest and thickest neckstrap you have ever seen!

The Moulin Rouge bridle is handmade in the finest eco-friendly leather. This means that there has not been used any chemicals when making the leather.

The noseband also has an extra thick and soft padding to provide maximum comfort for your best friend. It is very wide in the middle and have a cutback just were the bit is placed, to avoid the surrounding nerves and gives good room for the bit.

The browband is one of our unique designs and this exact design our founder created almost 15 years ago! It has now been made by the hundreds and used in several bridles. It has an unique mix of different sizes of the exclusive Austrian Stellux
Crystals and sparkles like a thousand diamonds in the sun.

A SD Browband is not "just" a browband but a stunning jewel made with love and passion for the horse.

No reins included.

Leather care:
We recommend that you give the bridle oil/balm before you use it the first time. This will protect and maintain the leather on your new SD bridle❤

ECO-Friendly leather. This means that there has not been used any chemicals in the tanning process.

Size: Cob



Color: Black / Black lining with Patent

           Black / White lining with Patent

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