Smartphone Armband

Smartphone Armband

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This sports armband is suitable for most smartphones. Use it while riding to listen to music or for example a dressage test recording. The phone is still operable while placed in the armband.

Smartphone cover to be strapped to the upper arm

Suitable for most smartphones of average size

Closed with an adjustable Velcro strap

The band features a slot to store a key

Neoprene inside

The back features a hole in each corner to attach earphones

Water resistant material

Features a reflective stripe along the window

Decorated with a small QHP logo

 Color: Red


            Sky Blue


Item no. 5236


 ALL SALES FINAL. NO RETURNS. With phones increasing in size, these are just too small for a lot of the phones out there. if you have an older phone, or an ipod, it will work for that. 

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